Columbus Coffee Experience Expands with Five New Shops

This post is written by Matthew Lovett, a local freelance writer and former barista. 

Starting right now, we’re expanding the Columbus Coffee Trail from eight to 13 shops, making it more widespread than ever! While some of the new shops continue to showcase a specialty touch to coffee, others bring a no-fuss approach — if you want a flavored roast or a caramel latte, it’s yours. Look below to see what shops we’re adding and what they do best. For location info, head over to our Participating Locations page.

Crimson Cup

Roast magazine’s Macro Roaster of the Year for 2016 is on the up-and-up. In 2015 they built a brand-spankin’-new roasting facility to coincide with a fresh Upper Arlington location. Whether you visit the new spot or go to the original Clintonville location, they’re running a true-to-form coffee shop either way. They’ve got the normal espresso and manual brew offerings, but stay tuned into them because they’re also known to tinker with drink recipes for delicious kicks. Crimson Cup has established themselves an authority in Columbus coffee, and there’s no better time than now to pay a visit.

 Fox in the Snow Cafe

 At Fox in the Snow, you can come for the food or the coffee. The house-made hand pies are stunning. And their egg sandwiches – don’t get us started. And we can attest to the quality of their blueberry scones. If you can get past the vast selection of house-made pastries (good luck) they’re rocking an excellent coffee set up as well. Their coffee’s roasted outside of Ohio in Maine by Tandem Coffee Roasters. Tandem’s the basis for all the usual espresso drinks, and if you just want coffee, you’re getting it via Hario V60. Try the New Orleans iced coffee when the sun’s out on full blast.

Luck Bros’ Coffee House

Tucked into Grandview is Luck Bros., one of the first shops to really hop on the specialty bandwagon in Columbus. They roast their own coffee onsite, and are huge proponents of craft coffee, going so far as to separate the classier espresso drinks from say, the chocolatey blended kind. One can get drip coffee there, though I recommend a cup on the clever dripper for a more manicured, flavorful cup. Once your beverage is decided upon, complete your Luck Bros. experience with a piece of their homemade Breakfast Bake.  

Red Velvet Café 

 If you can believe it, there’s a coffee shop in the popular stretch of new businesses on South Fourth Street downtown. Tucked among  Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Dirty Frank’s, 16-Bit Bar + Arcade you’ll find Red Velvet Café, a shop with One Line Coffee beans in tow that offers coffee drinks to complement their slew of pastries and Filipino-inspired sandwiches. Normal coffee and espresso drinks don the menu, alongside international options such as Turkish and Vietnamese coffee. Varied menu aside, Red Velvet’s finest characteristic might be how it caters to the taste buds of both nerdy and basic coffee drinkers alike. 

Winan’s Chocolates and Coffees

Head down German Village to catch up on Winan’s, a company that’s extended its reach all over Ohio to share its deep history of treat-making. They’re best-known for their gargantuan assortment of candies, but their coffee selection is still one to be reckoned with. Most of their coffees fall into the flavored category, and with labels like Blueberry Crumb Cake and Pecan Praline Brulee, it’s easy to see why. (Don’t worry, there’s still a fair share of single origins for sale.) Winan’s epitomizes that no-fuss coffee philosophy: if it tastes good, Winan’s has you covered.